“Gamechangers” think bigger, think smarter, and think different.

They challenge the rules of branding and business, of marketing and sales, to win in new ways. They don’t believe in just creating products, services and customer experiences that are slightly better or slightly better. That is a game of diminishing returns.

Gamechangers change the way their markets work.

How did WhatsApp create $19bn in 3 years or Uber $60bn in 5 years? Why does the world’s biggest retailer own no inventory? The world’s largest media company own no content? The world’s biggest accommodation company own no real estate? Because they play a different game.

They create the future in their own vision. They innovate their markets, not just their businesses. They redefine the language, rewrite the rules and behaviours, and recalibrate the perceptions of price and value. They transform the aspirations and expectations of customers.

And they create exponential impact.

Gamechangers Turkey is now in its third year.

We are here to find, share and celebrate the most innovate brands and businesses in Turkey. In the same way that Airbnb and Alibaba, Zappos and Zipcars are transforming global markets, we want to find the companies who are transforming Turkish markets.

Gamechangers can be big or small. They can be start-ups and long-established companies. In fact size and share are rarely the measure of success today. We are looking for companies who win by seeing things differently, doing different things.

Change the game, don’t just play the game! Good luck.


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