Financial and/or market impact studies for all projects submitted to this contest must have been completed.

Projects in planning stage so will not be included in evaluation.


The Vision Award… Having a better view of your future.
Out-thinking the competition, with ideas that can change the world.

Focused on optimising profits to Guided by inspiring purpose
Built on core capabilities to Driven by audacious ideas
To be 10% better to To be 10 times better


The Discovery Award… Finding new market and customer insights

Making sense of the kaleidoscope, to shape markets in your own vision.

Accepting markets as they are To Making markets in your vision
Geography and category To Tribal and problem solving
Rational and average To Emotional and distinctive


The Strategy Award… Developing an innovative market strategy
Finding your own space, with a strategy that disrupts the future.
Strategy optimises the present to Strategy disrupts the future
Evolving incrementally to Pivoting transformationally
Playing the game to Changing the game
The Brand Award… Building a more inspiring brand and reputation
Building brands about people not products, about making life better.

Brands are logos and slogans to Brands capture bigger ideas
About companies or products to About people and aspirations
Promotions to drive sales to Platforms for collaboration


The Innovation Award… Creatively redesigning your whole business
Innovating the organisation, from business model to customer experience.

Innovating product and service to Innovating the business model
Driven by technical possibility to Driven by human opportunity
Linear, disciplined process to Dynamic, creative fusions


The Communication Award… Engaging your customers more deeply

Tuning into the customers world with real-time and relevant content.

Communicate on your terms to Engage people on their terms
Push campaigns to everyone to On demand, time and place
Slogans, gimmicks, incentives to Topical, authentic, experiential


The Experience Award… Delivering a great experience to the customer

Delivering customer experiences that enable customers to achieve more.

Selling and serving To Engaging and enabling
Consistent and delivered To Participative and personal
Transactional, linear, finite to Relational, circular, enduring


The Relationship Award… Building customer communities and relationships

Growing further and faster, through networks and collaboration.

Seek relationships with people to Relationships between people
Loyalty built on incentives to Loyalty built on community
Individual and isolated to Collaborative and sharing


The Impact Award… Delivering better results for people, planet and profitability

Delivering and sustaining a positive impact, human and financial.

Short-term financial results to Long-term value creation
Sustainability as compliance to Sustainability drives growth
Compromised value to Enlightened value


The Leadership Award… Amplifying the potential of teams to achieve more.

Leaders amplify the potential of their people and organisations.

Supertankers’ size and stability to Speedboats’ speed and agility
Managing the status quo to Leaders amplify potential
Deliver and improve to Change your world