Award categories reflect strategic marketing targets being common for all organizations. The results you submitted shall not be evaluated only for your competitors in the industry but marketing targets in all business areas.

The participants are required to submit independent and health data supporting the requests. Jury members shall put emphasis on quantitative data and comparable trend data. The matters required to be considered as ideal benchmarks are sales, profit, market share and customer behaviors.


The results of the financial and/ or market effects of all projects to join the contest should have been taken. The projects realized after January 1, 2016 may be used for application; the projects in planning phase shall not be considered for evaluation.


Best Technology-Led Innovation

Show qualitative and quantitative results obtained by describing the strategy, how technology supported it, and the level of compliance of technology strategy with the fundamental brand values. And give evidences related to it as much as possible.

Best New Brand

If you have an existing brand name or a startup company,  tell us your success in formation of a new product or a service. Show the customer forecast, creative aspect of the new product or service emerged, net brand value established, and the values provided to the customers.

Best Customer Relation

It may be embodied in the form of establishing healthy relations with customer, increase in customer retention rate, increase in revenues per customer, advanced customer satisfaction level, or combination of them. new products, services, pricing and communication policy may play an important role in attaining this target. Tell about your innovation and creativity, and the extent of compliance of your strategy with the fundamental brand values. Show qualitative and quantitative results obtained.

Most Effective Digital Communication Team

Teams using digital methods may focus on customer services, marketing, resource development, public relations or internal communication via social media or similar other instruments. Everything in digital environment is a passion for them. they work beyond the limits, time belts and time-based plans. They reveal measurements and evaluations brining awareness by effectively using the communication instruments.

Explain that you are a team achieved to reveal innovative, strategic and effective approaches in order to realize your targets, by using digital media, communication and collaboration eloquently.

Most Effective Branded Content Application

Describe your content used in all environments in order to improve recognition of your brand and sales. Branded content known as content marketing may include branded magazines, digital magazines, editorial character qualities on websites, advertiser-funded programming, creative product placements realized on television and other media, viral and social editorial contents.

Best Brand Experience / Effectiveness Strategy

Explain your innovation and creativity, and the extent of compliance of your strategy with the fundamental brand values. Give a picture of impressive results such as number of people joined in the activities, positive developments in customer attitudes and commercial successes.